2020 Spring Outing Group Photo

2022 Youth Spring Tune Up Outing, Holcombe Flowage, Holcombe Wisconsin
June 11, 2022


2022 Youth Spring Tune up Outing – Saturday June 11 – Holcombe Flowage

Much like 2021, this will be a youth focused event and youth are encouraged to participate.  Any youth under the age of 18 will be allowed to attend without being a member of Muskies Inc.  We typically have a shore lunch during the middle of the day to break up the day.  There will be door prizes for all youth under the 18 who participate, and a traveling trophy will be presented at the end of the outing.  In hopes of growing this outing, we are extending the offer to any other clubs who wish to attend with a youth or donate some time in a boat or simply donate some prizes.


  1. You do NOT need a youth as your boat partner to qualify but this is a youth focused event and youth are encouraged to participate. Any youth under the age of 18 will be allowed to attend without being a member of 1st WI Muskies inc.
  2. Any individuals over the age of 18 must be a member of 1st Wisconsin Muskies Inc. to qualify however, you may have a non-member as a boat partner.
  3. Event is to be held on Holcombe Flowage. Fishable water is from above the Holcombe dam off Hwy M up to the first bridge in any tributary such as Main Creek or Jump River.  The event will start at Pine Point County Park due to ample parking spaces available there.
  4. No sign up necessary- just show up before 8 am the morning of the event. The event will start at 8 am and run until 5pm with a mandatory lunch break from 12-1.  You may still participate if you are late but please notify Matt Ross (muskyoperations@gmail.com).
  5. A release of liability form will need to be filled out by each participant. You can find a fillable pdf and a printable version on the muskies inc website under policies/docs tab on the left hand side.  It is still labeled at 2020 but is good for 2021.  It is preferred that you fill out the liability waiver and send it via email to the email address referenced but paper copies will be on hand the morning of.  A pdf file should also be included in this newsletter that you can print out if you don’t feel like navigating the website.
  6. This is an individual event. You may fish several anglers in one boat but only your fish will count toward your personal score.
  7. Fishing times will be from 8 am to 5 pm with a Mandatory lunch break from 12-1 at Pine Point county park.
  8. You are allowed to use any legal artificial bait/lure in this event. Bonus of 10 pts for any fish caught on a top water lure.
  9. Only fish 30” or better count.
  10. Individual with the most total inches at the end wins and will take home the traveling trophy until next year’s event.
  11. All fish must be verified upon end time with both a picture of the complete fish on a bump board (white fold out style is preferred), and also a picture with the angler holding the fish as well as the bait name that it was caught on.
  12. Fishing from shore is not permitted.

This is a fun social event for bragging rights so come on out and have some fun!

Grills and charcoal will be provided, but please bring your own food and condiments.