My name is Fischer Smith and 2020 was my best year ever on the water. I got my first 50 incher which was great. Last year I caught 33 muskies for 451pts to be the first ever National Juniors 17 and under release champion from our chapter. My Dad had got diabetes last year and could not stand a long time in the boat. So last season he taught me boat control which really helped me catch more muskies. I loved running the trolling motor and casting structure while following the graph and side imaging.

It’s fun when you see a muskie on the Hummingbird, cast at it and catch it on the figure eight. I have 134 muskies now registered in Muskies inc. and my goal is to reach the men’s masters 250 before I turn 18. I want to thank my Dad for taking me fishing all the time and giving me the opportunity to catch muskies. Last year I started filming our trips with my dad on my YouTube channel on Smith’s Fishing Outdoors and that is really fun.

Fischer Smith (Age 12)