Congratulations Cordy!

Cordelia “Cordy” Wright – Junior Fry Featured with the 2nd largest fish of the year in the  women’s category.

Cordy and I went fishing after church on November 8, 2020. We had gone fishing the Sunday before,  but did not have any luck. Cordy looked in the bait box I had and saw a bait that she thought was  “pretty,” and said I should try that one. I put on the bait (black with silver sparkles) and, after only a few  casts, felt weight at the end of the line and set the hook. Cordy was standing right next to me and I  handed the pole to her. She did an outstanding job reeling in the musky. When we got it close to shore, Cordy kept the line tight which allowed me to reach down, grab a hold of the fish and beach it. This is  Cordy’s third and biggest musky, a special fish and her personal best. As we let the fish go, Cordy said,  “Thank you for letting us catch you!”

– Brian Wright