Our Pit Tagging program has grown substantially this year. Our DNR biologists have liked  the accurate data our taggers have supplied them and allowed us to add several more bodies of water  to our Scientific Collectors Permit. Allowing us to Pit Tag on many more local bodies of water and thus  increasing the numbers of fish we have tagged.

We are still waiting for the last few Pit Tag forms to be turned in but currently we already have over 60 new fish PIT Tagged this year and 11 Recaptures. We  will have some more info and breakdowns on some of the recapture data in the future as we get the  paperwork finished up and submitted to Joseph Gerbyshak.


We are in the early stages of putting together plans for a Fish Sticks program. Basically, Fish Sticks are trees or groups of trees dropped into the water at the shoreline and anchored  to shore to produce additional fish habitat for all species. It takes cooperation of many individuals  (waterfront landowners, townships, DNR, and even army core of engineers) for these to be successful  but we are excited by the potential that these habitat improvements can help our fisheries on multiple  area bodies of water. If you are or know of a waterfront landowner in our area that may be interested in  these projects, please reach out to Peter Ross or Josh Rabska for more info.

Here is a link to learn more about the DNR’s fish stick program. https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/Fishing/outreach/FishSticks.html