Easton Rabska (4 years old) was out on the water with his mom and dad (Josh and Mallory). Dad bomb cast a top-water out and Easton would reel it in, Dad assisted with a firm hold of the rod and helped coach on speed of retrieve. This nice musky fired up on the bait way out on the cast, tail dancing across the surface, highlighted by the fading sun, it chased the bait all the way to the boat without striking.

With the fish still locked in on the prize, Dad provided some additional assistance in the figure eight. The fish ate on the outside turn, a short dance around the front of the boat and Mom scooped the fish into the net. Easton let out a jubilant cry of joy “We Finally Got ONE!!!” Bonus points for having the chase, strike, and audio all on video.

Easton also got to watch the musky get a “Shot” aka PIT Tag, before a couple quick pics and healthy release. A pit tag like the one inserted into this musky gives this fish it’s own unique number, length, location and other information was gathered at this time of catch. Now the next time this fish is captured by the WI-DNR, or another PIT tag reader equipped angler, more information can be gathered like growth rate and movement.

Easton Rabska youth musky release